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About the Reading Room

Do you find yourself struggling to interpret radiographs in practice?  

Has it always been a challenge to differentiate pulmonary patterns or find the linear foreign body?

Do you find that even when you get the report back from the radiologist you still can’t see what they are talking about?  

Well we have the solution.   Starting Wednesday January 13,  step inside The Reading Room where I will describe the findings in a weekly case and outline the important radiographic features.

Obi is all about building a habit of learning and using short lessons to do so.  Like the rest of our content, the episodes are less than 5 minutes and feature annotations of cases from clinical practice.  

I hope you enjoy the cases and tune in every week to check out our latest episode.  If you have disease processes you want to see more of, or even a case you’d like annotated, let me know in the comments or get in touch.

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