About Obi

Like a dog on a bone, we’re focused on creating the best veterinary continuing education community. 

Mission and Vision:

Improve Veterinary Practice

Our mission is to improve veterinary practice by providing accessible and affordable high-quality continuing education.

Support Veterinarians

Our vision is to improve the lives of people and animals everywhere by educating and empowering veterinary professionals.

Build Community

We’re building a community of veterinary professionals with free and paid resources, including user-friendly micro learning.

Our Story

We know first-hand that the demands on veterinary professionals are increasing. Adding to your skillset and fulfilling your continuing education requirements shouldn't be a burden.

That's why we're building the future of veterinary continuing education: high quality, digestible and on-demand lessons ready whenever and wherever you want them.

Our Team:

Appleby Headshot
Dr. Ryan Appleby
Co-founder | Chief Veterinary Officer
Matthew Appleby
Chief Barketing Officer

Join Our Team! As Obi grows, we’ll be looking to add video lectures from qualified veterinary specialists, add to our growing resource library, and more. If you want to join the team, or let us know how we can improve Obi, please email: ryan@obivet.com