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Aortic stenosis is reported to be the 2nd most prevalent congenital cardiac disorder in the dog. Our experience suggests that aortic stenosis is by far the most common congenital cardiac defect in the dog. The stenotic lesion may occur in the subvalvular position, valvular position, or supravalvular position.

The subvalvular disorder is the most common form of aortic stenosis in the dog. Aortic stenosis is a relatively uncommon congenital heart disorder in the cat. When present, it is reported to usually occur in the supraaortic valve position.

The hemodynamic consequences of aortic stenosis is the development of left ventricular concentric hypertrophy due to pressure overload. This results in reduced left ventricular distensibility and the hypertrophied left ventricular wall is prone to initiating dysrhythmias.