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Other Feline Cardiomyopathies

We have observed a few cats with a form of end stage myocardial failure that is characterized by left ventricular enlargement, reduced contractility, focal regions of myocardial hypokinesis or akinesis with marked thinning of the wall in these akinetic/hypokinetic areas (usually the left ventricular free wall at the base), enlargement of the right ventricle and atrium, reduced contractility of the right atrium, and left atrial enlargement.

It appears that myocardial infarction and ischemia play a major role in producing the overall morphologic changes observed.

One wonders if these cats are in the final stages of a progressed version of one of the other more classical forms of cardiomyopathy.

Management is attempted as for the restrictive form of CM.

Prognosis is usually abysmal with death within 2 weeks.