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Myocardial Hypoxia/Ischemia

While there are no specific ECG findings that are pathognomonic for hypoxemia, some of the following may be generally suggestive:

  1. Wide QRS complexes
  2. ST segment depression or elevation (≥0.2 mV)
  3. Tall T waves (more than 1/4 total QRS excursion)
  4. Notching of the R wave of the QRS complex (microscopic intramural myocardial infarction or MIMI)
  5. Low amplitude QRS complexes
  6. Conduction disturbances (aberrant conduction) leading to wide and bizarre QRS morphology
ST segment Depression in a dog
Microscopioc Intramural Myocardial Infarctions (MIMI) in a dog
MIMI in a dog – slide mouse to highlight abnormalities
MIMI in a dog – slide to highlight ECG abnormalities