Foundational Concepts in Thoracic Radiology


The perfect place to start learning on Obi Veterinary Education! This FREE certificate covers the foundational concepts of abdominal radiology of the dog and cat.  The courses utilize concepts from microlearning and gamification, which have been identified to boost learner retention.  Courses are divided into lessons which are never more than 5 minutes in length.  Each lesson is reinforced by a content retention question.  Topics include gastrointestinal evaluation and deciding when a patient is obstructed, urogenital diseases, hepatic, splenic and peritoneal space disorders.  Ryan Appleby DVM, DACVR reviews radiographs annotating important features and discusses the vital pieces for improving interpretation and making the most of imaging in your practice.

This certificate provides access to the following courses:

  • Thoracic Radiographic Anatomy
  • Foundations of Pleural and Mediastinal Radiology
  • Foundations of Pulmonary Radiology
  • Foundations of Cardiovascular Radiology

This program has been approved for 4 hours of continuing education credit in jurisdictions that recognize RACE approval.



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