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Complete RACE-approved continuing education in as little as five minutes a day

An iPad showing the course, Thoracic Radiographic Anatomy on Obi Veterinary Education

RACE-approved continuing education

Joining the Obi community provides access to RACE-approved continuing education taught by industry leading specialists on a variety of topics. 

Build healthy learning habits

Obi is designed to get you in the habit of learning every day. Courses are modular, so you can complete quick lessons every day that focus on key learning objectives.  

Learn on your schedule

Your progress is automatically saved and accessible from any device. Pick back up where you left off, wherever and whenever you’re ready to learn.

Bite-sized lessons focused on core learning objectives:

Improves information retention

Fits into your busy schedule

Increases the standard of care you provide to your patients

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Earn points and badges as you learn, and see how you stack up with the Obi community

Courses are grouped into certificates organized by specialty and anatomy 

Complete the required courses and final quiz to earn your personalized certificate 

We started Obi with one thing in mind: creating the best possible veterinary community.  That’s why we’re committed to deepening our commitment to the veterinary community, by developing an impactful corporate social responsibility plan that actively gives back to the communities we serve.  

We’re starting with a modest promise to support the veterinary community and non-profit organizations aligned to three core pillars:

1 Mental Health
2 Education & Research
3 Environment & Climate Change
Mental Health

Early promotion and prevention

Contributing to the support systems available for veterinary professionals is a cause close to our heart.

That's why we'll be partnering with organizations to support the early promotion and prevention of mental health issues, specifically in the veterinary community.

Early promotion and prevention
Education & Research

Supporting the next generation

We're passionate about giving back to the next generation of veterinary professionals through education and research. 

As Obi grows, our goal is to create The Obi Research Award - awarded to a veterinary professional in need of funding for a meaningful research project, and the Obi Entrance Scholarship - awarded to one prospective Canadian veterinary student to assist with tuition.

Supporting the next generation
Environment & Climate Change

Addressing a global emergency

Global warming is causing long-lasting changes to our climate system, creating consequences for every animal on Earth if we do not act.

Farming and animal husbandry around the world is a key contributor to greenhouse gases and veterinary medicine is an extremely energy intensive practice. It is important for us to tackle this issue head-on by donating to environmental charities and supporting changes in environmental practices.

Addressing a global emergency

And hopefully this is just the beginning. As Obi grows, so too will our social responsibility mandate.