Foundations of Small Animal Neurology

In this course, Dr. Andrew Barker, DVM DACVIM (Neurology) provides essential knowledge and skills in diagnosing and managing neurologic conditions in small animals. You will explore crucial aspects of small animal neurology through a series of engaging lessons in three sections:
  • Small Animal Neurologic Examination: master the art of conducting a thorough neurologic examination with a focus on assessing gait, mentation, and cranial nerves. Explore key reflexes and pain responses essential for accurate diagnosis.
  • Small Animal Seizure Disorders: dive into the intricate world of seizure disorders, from understanding different seizure types to exploring diverse etiologies. Gain insights into anti-epileptic drugs and their role in managing seizures effectively.
  • Small Animal Spinal Disorders: uncover the complexities of spinal disorders in small animals, from neurologic examination techniques to diagnostic imaging modalities. Explore common spinal conditions such as intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), myelomalacia, and traumatic injuries.